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The problem in parenting is that the life that you have given is now not yours to live,
While the one who will live it knows not yet the gift it is.

Your child,
In whom so much of you is
Your heart, soul, strength, mind, and DNA
Is not yours. 
It is a risky feeling.  It is a tender thought. 
You know the pain he will feel.  You know the danger she knows not. 
Yet despite yourself,
Despite your need to govern her danger, manage his risk, and police their loss,
You believe that life is so worth living and gifts are so worth giving
That God would give Godself, God’s son, on a cross.
It is a risky feeling.  It is a tender thought.
Although life is freely lived, it is most costly bought.

May you give of hope in living, a risk you take with God
The source of all good giving, the hope of all that’s bought!

Steven Fuller is Chase’s husband, the Director of Christian Education at Clemmons Moravian Church, and an ordained Baptist minister.  He received his Master of Divinity from Wake Forest University School of Divinity.


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