How refreshing it is to see so many wonderful resources to help families grow together in a faith journey!  Our own Moravian publication Loving Hearts United is a perfect example and has been recommended several places.  Some of our churches are deciding to give this piece to new members or to families on the birth of a child. 

If you are looking for a companion piece to go with this resource, I would like to encourage congregations to consider using Splash!a faith formation resource for children from birth to age three, created in the  format of newsletters that are mailed monthly to families with children.  When we stand in our churches and affirm baptismal vows when a child is baptized to help that family and nurture them in the raising of their child, it is a serious commitment.  What better way could a church do this than by using the Splash! newsletters to encourage and help these parents?

Splash! connects the church to the families through support and encouragement, in ways that compliment Loving Hearts United.  It provides fun and easy ideas for bringing faith home to these families.  In the church, our time is also God’s time, and God’s intention for creation is that we delight in the glory of God and live in relationship with one another.  Children are our best teachers of the holiness of time. 

I challenge each congregation to find someone in your congregation to take this on as a time commitment to keep track of new arrivals and to mail monthly newletters to families for the first three years of their arrival.  What a blessing it will be not only for the families but for those making a difference in someone’s faith journey.  These two resources can be obtained through the Resource Center at the Board of Christian Education.

-Beth Hayes is the Director of the Resource Center for the Board of Christian Education, Southern Province. You may reach her for more information about Splash! and Loving Hearts United at 336-722-8126.