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Using humor in the family is a great opportunity to be human with our children and enjoy the life and the lifestyles that we share as a family unit. In fact most family humor is often narrative. It tells a story and is often meant as a way to recall the “funny” things that make our families unique.

Faith is also story as well. As we share with our families in worship, in discussions about the sermon or in the context of teaching moments most often faith is spoken of in a narrative fashion. Linking both humor and faith seems like a natural encounter.

Humor however, should never be used to humiliate or discipline our children in lowering their self-esteem. Our children learn through actions and words. Humor that make us less than human can cause harm and hurt the family fabric of trust. In our families, humor is spontaneous, it celebrates the moment and captures for us the entire flavor our shared experience of life. As someone who looks at life from a different point of view than most, I have found that humor is gift to be given and shared. It carries with it the responsibility to be mindful “when and where” it can and should be used.

So… let’s laugh at the human condition as well as cry. It is part of the story of faith that helps us to laugh at an old woman giving birth, a camel going through the eye of a needle and the a fisherman fishing for men and women. Laugh and give your laughter as a gift to your family as well as your faith. You’ll be glad…happy that you did!

~The Rev. Dave Merritt is pastor of Hope Moravian Church in Winston-Salem, NC.  He is EXTREMELY funny. Well, his family thinks so, anyway!


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